Successful cases


Our customer Recalor is an international supplier of industrial rotary dryers for the wood industry worldwide. Engi-ON is their automation partner for all their products.
The drying process and its dynamics is extremely non-linear as the value of the drying parameters depends on the input variables of the hot gas flow and the conditions of the wet material. This coupled with the long delay times in the trommel and the response times in the hot gas generation makes control difficult.
Engi-on has successfully implemented a control strategy based on cascade control coupled with predictive control that predicts the evolution of the process in the near future based on historical data.

Robotic Cell

Automation of a robotic cell for gluing and placing lids on flow-packs.

The system makes use of 2 artificial vision cameras to determine the position of the lids and flow-packs on each of its belts. An ultra-fast Staubli scara robot uses an advanced algorithm to track the moving objects (tracking) and handle them without losing conveyor downtime.

Robotic Cell

Automation of a robotic cell for cartooning blister packs.
A mechanical device that, by means of various pneumatic drives and a Staubli robot, carries out the task of picking up the cases, opening them, inserting the blisters, closing the case, and leaving them with total precision and speed.

Multi-Purpose Plant
for chemical plant

Automation of a multi-purpose chemical plant working according to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. The control is fully flexible, allowing you to develop and scale up chemical processes from laboratory scale to industrial scale quickly and easily.